Life as a Spiritual Journey

 Photos by: Randy Ricklefs

Photos by: Randy Ricklefs

Life as a Spiritual Journey: Art as a Window to Explore our Purpose

In this unique blend of art show, storytelling and dynamic discussion participants begin to see daily life within the context of their soul's mystical journey. Using a series of artworks to explore the seven stages of spiritual growth symbolically described in the sacred text The Seven Valleys of Baha'u'llah, profound concepts are approached in a fun, interactive and down to earth way, encouraging personal associations and new insights.

What it looks like:

I usually allow :30-:45 minutes for folks to arrive as they would for a traditional art reception - but it's exceptionally welcoming and I invite them to participate in an icebreaker that connects them with the art and each other and will come in to play later on during the talk.

Then I give a talk about the series and the mystical story of "The Seven Valleys" and the audience is prompted to share their thoughts - we all learn from each other. Total this portion is about :45 minutes, as well.

We all want to be our best selves. This talk really got me thinking about that.
— Dave, Austin, Texas
I just want to reiterate how amazing I thought your show was... I guess I really didn’t know what to expect. But it really got me reflecting on my life and my path. And I actually started crying on the way home. (In a good way!) ... You inspired me.... I’m so excited to share with others!!
— LeeAnn, Austin, Texas
— Margaret, San Antonio, Texas
Lovely and thought-provoking.
— Jamie, San Antonio, Texas
This was an Amazing presentation!
— Molly, San Antonio, Texas
... the manifestation of beauty!
— Dora, San Antonio, Texas
Beautifully, thoughtfully, professionally presented! Wonderful to see marriage of Writings and Art.
— Couple, San Antonio, Texas
Great bringing together of a diverse group! (Divinely Inspired.)
— Fred, San Antonio, Texas
Thank you for inspiring us all!
— Lourdes, South Texas
I loved hearing the teachings you spoke of... I identified with so much of your perspective. I hope to attend another! You are a wonderful collaborator.
— Thomas, San Antonio, Texas

How it evolved:

A few years ago in California I wanted to do something creative for my birthday. I decided to share my art and invent an icebreaker to help new people get to know each other, discuss big cool ideas (instead of being stuck in small talk zone) and engage with the artwork. You can read about the party here and the repeatable tips I learned here. Then, I revisited this concept but took it up a notch, creating an immersive art birthday experience in the same river side location where I painted my series The Seven Valleys of Summer. You can read an in the moment reference to it in this blog post. Then I just kept going… Looking forward to where this path leads!